interracial marriages, religiously diversed unions and let's not forget about the mature folks and the young lions hooking up. From where I stand, it's all gravy. We are all about learning the real lessons in life and we absolutely love it!

What better way to express what our colorful earth now looks like than through the published works of talented authors who skillfully open our eyes to their world. We want our readers to relate, learn and grow. Showing our differences should promote authentic engagement instead of fear.

And yes, we vow to do it through the artful truth of fiction.

The idea of Blended Publications initially came about from my fleeting thoughts of the world's new norm, blended families. There was once a time when meshing two, already established groups was looked down upon. However, thanks to witty family sitcoms like, The Brady Bunch and Eight Is Enough, and my own modern day blend of seven, our world gets the opportunity to see that diversity. As challenging as it may be, differences also offer enrichment, unforgettable memories and most importantly, life lessons to carry out a lasting legacy.

Many things have changed since the seventies and eighties or my ten years plus of stepping out on the frontline. We not only see that blended families are our norm, but so are

Shanier holds her own in the writing ring as our first published author. Its a rarity that someone of her caliber comes along with less than a decade's worth of work. We're excited to see where her debut series, Secretly Broken takes us.

New Adventures...